Module Irmo
In: rbirmo.c
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Classes and Modules
Class Irmo::Callback
Class Irmo::Class
Class Irmo::ClassVar
Class Irmo::Client
Class Irmo::Connection
Class Irmo::InterfaceSpec
Class Irmo::Method
Class Irmo::MethodArg
Class Irmo::Object
Class Irmo::Server
Class Irmo::Socket
Class Irmo::ValueType
Class Irmo::World
Public Class methods
connect(VALUE klass, VALUE family, VALUE location, VALUE port, VALUE spec, VALUE world)

Connect to a server. Pass:


  # Connect on IPv4 to '' port 5822, not sharing a world
  # back to the server

  conn = Irmo.connect('IPV4', '', 5822, ifspec, nil)
  # Connect on IPv6 to '' port 8719, sharing a world
  # back to the server

  conn = Irmo.connect('IPV6', '', 8719, ifspec,
Public Instance methods
enable_proxies=(VALUE klass, VALUE newval)

Specify whether to use proxy methods. If true, all Object objects will be given proxy singleton methods to access their variables, and all World objects will be given singleton methods to invoke their methods.