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API Notes


Irmo uses the pkg-config system to store information about the library and allow programs which use it to be built more easily. To find out more about pkg-config. Typically all that needs to be done is to add to the CFLAGS and LDFLAGS variables of the Makefile:

     	CFLAGS += `pkg-config --cflags irmo`
     	LDFLAGS += `pkg-config --libs irmo`


Irmo makes use of the GLib library. GLib provides implementations of a number of common and useful data structures and algorithms, as well as standardised type definitions for portability.

While the API does not use the GLib library (the interface is plain C), a copy of the library is required to be installed to compile Irmo. You may also wish to use GLib in your own programs. More information can be found in the GLib manual:

API Documentation

The basic concepts of the library are outlined in this manual. However, in-depth documentation of all the library routines is provided through the Doxygen documentation system. Information about Doxygen can be found from the website: